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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Vs CNC CO2 Laser Machine :

Here we will compare two CNC laser machines.

1_CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Quickly, fiber laser light is made by banks of diodes. The light is diverted and enhanced through fiber-optic links like that utilized for information move. The enhanced light, on leaving the fiber link, is collimated or fixed and afterward engaged by a focal point onto the material to be cut.
Production of the light is 200% more proficient than a customary CO2 laser, and conveyance is far more straightforward, with no costly optical mirrors. The centering focal point, dissimilar to on a traditional CO2 laser machine, is fixed in the cutting head and along these lines, not a consumable thing.
No moving parts or mirrors in the light-producing source, in contrast to a customary CO2 resonator or circle laser. This has an unmistakable favorable position as far as decreasing support prerequisites and working expenses.
A lot higher electrical productivity, coming about in extensively lower running expenses. A 3 kW fiber machine utilizes 33% of the intensity of a 4 kW CO2 machine of normal in all cases execution.
Higher velocities when cutting slender material. Contrasted and a similar 4 kW CO2 machine, the fiber laser is multiple times speedier in an orderly fashion cutting of 1 mm gentle, aroused, or hardened steel and twice as quick when cutting 2 mm.
A capacity to cut intelligent materials unafraid of back reflections harming the machine. This permits copper, metal, and aluminum to be cut without issues. Half longer adjusting spans and half lower overhauling costs.

2_CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine:

The drawbacks of fiber contrasted with CO2 mostly relate with the cutting rate when handling thicker materials, ordinarily, over 5 mm, where the CO2 machine is quicker in an orderly fashion and furthermore has a lot quicker penetrating occasions toward the beginning of the cut. There is additionally the upside of a smoother surface gets done with the CO2 machine when cutting thicker materials.
Over 70% of fiber laser clients are subcontractors, the rest of unique gear makers (OEMs). This is astounding, as one would expect OEMs to be surer about choosing to buy a fiber laser machine, where the preferences and disservices differ incredibly, contingent upon the items to be cut. Subcontractors can never be certain what the following position will be and what material thicknesses should be handled, so hypothetically the flexibility of a CO2 machine would be more appealing.
Of the subcontractors, just 31% had a solitary laser profiler subsequent to buying the fiber machine, though 69% were numerous laser clients and could choose which machine to put work onto, CO2 or fiber.
The principle explanation behind buying a fiber machine was the speed of cutting slight (1 to 2 mm and up to 3 mm) materials. A significant auxiliary explanation was the lower running expense and the lower power utilization utilizing fiber innovation, which was especially significant in organizations at the top finish of the electrical flexibly limit in their workshops.
For more than 6 years Nukon US has delivered the absolute most modern fiber laser cutting machines on the planet at a cost that has helped many metal creation and laser cutting shops put a NUKON fiber laser cutting machine of their floor. NUKON US is committed to assist exactness with sheeting metal, manufacture, sign, and laser cutting shops bear the cost of these mind-blowing elite machines.
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