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How to Get the Beach Style Look in Your Kitchen:

The beach-style look can be the perfect design theme for your kitchen if you long for a room that embraces a sophisticated appearance, open space, natural materials, or nautical-inspired accents. Learn more about the beach-style kitchen and how to quickly give your kitchen a beach-style appearance by reading on.

What is a Beach Style Kitchen?

The beach-theme kitchen also referred to as the coastal design kitchen, is unquestionably attractive. Beach-style kitchens are spacious, airy, and minimalist. This kitchen design is influenced by the ocean and captures the relaxed, tranquil, and breezy vibe of the beach. It also incorporates historic, contemporary, modern, rustic, and other design features.
Some of the main features of beach style include:
  • Light color palettes
  • Simple furniture
  • Natural material
  • Stripes of blue and white
  Here is a list of things that you can’t see in beach style kitchen:
  • Bold color palettes
  • Any window covering
  • A whole wall of the cabinet (Except the glass cabinet)
  • Metallic or flashy textures

Coastal Color Palette:

Coastal Color Palette
Coastal Color Palette
The beach-style kitchen primarily uses colors reflecting the sand, water, and sky. Other colors, when added, usually are in the kind of bright colors to create a cheery look.
Great color shades for the beach-style kitchen are
  • Sandy neutral hues: Light beige, Bluish gray, Ivory, Khakhi
  • Blue and white: Crisp white, Sea blue
  • Bright tones: Muted green, Bush pink, Teal, Coral, Aqua, Soft shades of yellow or orange
Now, look at some ways to get the beach-style look in your kitchen.
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Focus More on White:

The right direction towards achieving a beach theme look in your kitchen is to focus more on white. A calm color like white or creamy shades of white never goes out of style, especially in a beach theme. Not only does it reflects the ocean-washed surface, but it can easily blend with other nautical elements. Therefore, choose white as your predominant choice from the paint on the walls to any furniture.

Add Palm Plant:

Flowers and plants always look great in a beach-style kitchen. Adding plants can create a calm space where you feel fresh, like on the beach. Any plant is allowed in this style, but use palm plants if you want a stand-out look. It makes a great centerpiece on your island.

Go for Natural Material:

The beach-style kitchen uses natural materials such as wood as it reminds of sea wood. Add wooden elements to your kitchen wherever possible. If your kitchen already has wooden flooring, getting the look of beach style becomes easy for you. Add wooden window frames or counter stools to complete a sophisticated oceanic theme. But for your countertop or island, opt for marble, as it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Create an Open Look:

If you remodel your kitchen, plan the space so that the addition of natural light is maximized. Do not cover your large window with curtains to create an open look suitable for a kitchen style. If you do not want to get involved in remodeling, you can still create an open look by adding floating shelves. Use reclaimed wood for your shelving to create a warm feel.

Choose Lighting Carefully:

Another unique element of beach style kitchens is the presence of statement-making lighting. Oversized pendant lamps with natural woven material make a good impact on your white beach style kitchen. A simple chandelier, glass pendants, and other rattan lanterns can also feature well in this kitchen style.

Beach Style Kitchen Requires a Coastal Display:

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, a glass-front cabinet in light color is best for beach style kitchen designs. So, if you have it, you can easily make a perfect ocean view by displaying aqua kitchenware in it. The use of glass in the kitchen crockery, cabinetry, and dining ware makes your space welcoming, just like the beach.

Include Pattern and Texture:

Beach style Look is all about mixing patterns and textures. The beach-style kitchen relies heavily on the use of pattern and texture. For a quick kitchen update, you can consider bar stools, rugs, and napkins with striped detailing. They can help you get the classic sailing look, especially if you choose the blue and white combination. Another good way to add a pattern and visual interest is to install a patterned tile backsplash behind your stove.

Add Beach-inspired Accessory:

Style your kitchen and breakfast area with beach-inspired accessories to finish the look. Add coastal elements such as model ships, shells, or seascape wall art. Use glass decors like jars, bottles, or transparent vases on countertops.
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Whether you want to do a renovation with the help of a kitchen interior expert or try to give your kitchen a new style, knowing your preferred design style is a must. After reading this article, you will be able to know the basic concept of a beach-style kitchen and its critical details, like color palettes, material inspiration, lighting ideas, and finishing accessories. As you have seen, with a careful selection of colors and a few additions, you can include a beach aesthetic in your kitchen no matter where you live.