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Interior Design: Avoid 10 Mistakes While Hanging the Artwork

Interior Design:

Metal wall art is a vital part of interior design but hanging it incorrectly is the most common interior design mistake that people make. Professionals have given insights on mistakes homeowners make while hanging the artwork. Keep reading below to know the 10 mistakes to avoid when hanging artwork.
1. Avoid Buying too Small Pieces of Artworks:
People love to buy too small pieces of artwork for their big furniture. The artwork which is too small will get hidden between the mammoth furniture and will look weird. Instead of that, you can choose a set of small décor which forms a group like a gallery or collage. Also, while hanging the art piece make sure that you’re hanging it 8 to 10 inches above the furniture piece.
2. Mix it up with the Room:
Avoid hanging all the artworks in one place. Instead, hang the artworks around the room using two-way dimensional pieces and three sculpture pieces in one room. When choosing where to balance pictures in your home, consider the divider space. Simply guarantee that your game plan coordinates your improving style. You can likewise blend material by including metal or wooden workmanship sign to any space. It will give your home a unique and amazing look.
3. Place it Properly:
If you purchased a group of art pieces, ensure that you’re hanging them in a group, as they are meant to work together. Avoid hanging them too far or too near. You can hang your art piece with a 2” to 3” gap. If you place them too close, it will look too small in that big room and you may need bigger wall art for that area. Thus, avoid placing the wall art apart from each other which can lead to interior design disaster.
4. Avoid Adding on Every Wall:
Adding wall art is a great solution for bare walls. It’s not necessary to hang artworks on each wall. Hanging them will give negative vibes and looks like a messy room. Try hanging the art décor on one of the walls instead of adding on each wall. Also, while you place a group décor, avoid creating a pattern that is complicated and has too many different sizes.
5. Avoiding Giving the Personal Touch:
Your home is your world, so it shouldn’t give you feeling like other’s house. And the big way to personalized your house is with what you have hanging on the walls. Choose the décor which fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Whenever someone enters into your place will get the positive vibes from your home and will love your unique décor items. This shows how much your home is important for you and what makes you happy.
6. Avoid keeping the Large Plant in the Way:
You can use plants to purify your indoor air naturally and can calm people. But sometimes that calming effect can go wrong when they come in between your path. For that, you can cut the spiky branches that come in your way. Avoid placing the plants next to relaxing places. Let people admire your greenery rather than annoyed by them. You can also add some smaller plants like Jade plant, Laceleaf, Echeveria, Asparagus Fern, and many more.
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7. Avoiding the Colour Palette:
Instead of matching everything in the room, play with the patterns, layering and colour textures. It will add depth to your room by throwing curtains, rugs and pillows that are different in colour or pattern. Avoid adding similar pieces of furniture or wall art in one room. For example, keep a base colour for that particular room and broke that base colour into different shades, patterns and textures.
8. Avoid Hanging at a Proper Height:
Hanging the wall art exactly at the right distance between the floor, ceiling, and furniture is necessary. If you hang the wall art too high or too low, it will not look properly and will give that room bad impression. While hanging the wall décor too high, people will miss that or might think that floating wall tiles. Thus, add the wall art at proper height by marking an outline of the frame with masking tape and scale.
9. Hanging Curtains at the Wrong Height:
Just like mirrors gives an illusion of bigger rooms, curtains give an illusion of taller ceilings and larger windows. Thus, hang your curtains 4”-5” below the ceiling. This will elongate your windows and will you sense of the heightened room. Avoid hanging the curtains which are too short and instead of that hang the curtains which touch your floor. Moreover, take care of your curtain size, colour and texture.
10. Don’t only Hang on Walls:
Agree, that it is wall art, but sometimes thinking out of the box is good. Leave a couple of the art pieces on the floor, on your windows sills, dressers, bookshelves or even stairs. Leaning will give your room a casual and relaxed feel. To be creative with your display lean artworks against your wall on the floor to propping it up on a mantelpiece.
11. Create an Artistic Display:
If you’re considering renovating your small kitchen room with some wall art be artistic. Add open shelves to store plates and glasses and sort them according to a colour pattern. You can also take advantage of the open space by showcasing colourful art or objects. Try mixing the cookbooks, decorative objects and some kitchen supplies for a stylish arrangement.


Yes, you might fail in decorating your home, as you are not the professional interior designer with expert skills. But with these above-mentioned mistakes, you can avoid some common errors that anybody can make easily. So, take notes and stay away from the faux pas.

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