Children Room

Kids Room:

We love to write about home decoration ideas but we forget to cover one important group “child”. Many parents want to provide a beautiful kids room to their children in which they can play, thrive and learn. A child surrounding environment plays most important role on how they develop and grow up, so parents always try to make their children living room much possible as comfortable and fun. 

I really don’t remember my parents could have afforded kid decorated ideas, but I will design my child living room as bright interior decorations designer by colorful artwork on walls, sleeping bed look like a pirate ship and fill my child life with endless hours of joy. Kids room is always designed according to the likes or dislikes of the children. When a room stands out and is different, the child surely wants to spend time there

Personal teepee:

Kids love the personal campsite. A small tent like a personal cave suits best for the purposes. Decorate the tent with little fairy globs to give a beautiful starry sky impression. Tent becomes a personal teepee for the child. It adds a private space sense in the kids within their bedroom. Kids can enjoy safely in their room and staying indoors. So, camping is a good option for children, it’s a simple and stylish way to decorate a child room.

A Tree House Bedroom:

It will excite the kids, when there is a jungle and a tree house possibilities in the kids bedroom. Bed could be stayed in just a way that resembles a forest tree house. Indoor tree houses create an innate curiosity for everyone who sees it. Jungle house serves an element of surprise in the room for children like a home inside the home.

Island Underwater Fantasy:

For all children who are interested in underwater life, an island room with a particular theme of underwater fantasy comes true. Decorate the kids bedroom wall with 3D creatures or outlines and add on some digital pillows and sheets. To increase creative look add stools and poufs in the shape of algae and rocks. Island underwater fantasy is a great treat for all dreamers who dream for this world.

Princess Fairy Tale Bedroom:

All kids grow up by reading and listening to the classic fairy tale stories. Some develop dreams towards the fairy tale set up in their own bedroom. Decorate the kids room with the elements of their favorite story that give a fairy tale dream room to your kid. Childhood is the great time when a kid can live in their dream room and relate to themselves like Alice or Cinderella, Mowgli or Shrek. It’s not difficult to achieve their dreams because of the extent of materials available in the market.

Ship Captain's Bedroom:

A ship themed room is an interesting choice for the boy’s room. For this achievement, the wall of the room could be done up with ship deck, route maps, nets etc. you must follow the Navy blue and white with a red hint color palette. There could be a canopy turned into a sail and steering wheel and influenced by some lighting fixtures by elements of the ship. If the kids are cartoon lovers then we can decorate the room by giving a character of the ship such as “Tintin” by adding comic’s caricatures.

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