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Tidy up Your House Room by Room:

The parallel is no longer to prove between serene spirit and healthy house: tidying up our house would help us to acquire an interior well being.

1: Tidy Up Your Stay:

Empty Your Living Room:
Let’s start with the main room in your house, often the one where you spend the most time. Then let’s start with vacuum storage! Favorite place for trinkets of all kinds, they are far too numerous and quickly saturate the space. Get rid of the ones you don’t like anymore (they are still here to decorate!), Store the memories, highlight them.
Repeat the operation on magazines, old newspapers, DVDs, books, comics … Think that everyone can have a second life, and do not hesitate to give to doctors’ offices, neighbors, municipal libraries, or hospitals.
Living Room Storage:
In this room dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, you can largely dedicate an entire wall to create a library! In the same idea, the installation of a single shelf at the top of the walls, all around the room, will easily provide 15 linear meters of storage. In general, think of exploiting the heights.
Avoid making piles of magazines! When you have chosen those that you really read and those that it is difficult for you to part with, invest in a magazine rack, a small dedicated occasional piece of furniture or, decorative and trendy tip, put them together with a strap and create an ultra-practical little stool!
Tidy Up:
Also, think of functional furniture such as a coffee table with storage or drawers. Some are equipped with a lower shelf for placing magazines, boxes, or baskets intended to accommodate catalogs, toys, or remote controls. Conversely, make sure that each piece of furniture really serves you: do you need this end table that you don’t use? From that second aging chair? Of these 18 cushions?
Finally, always keep a transit area: a free shelf, a console not too loaded, an available drawer … on which you can deposit the mail of the day, the keys, a magazine, while waiting to put them away.
Children's Corner In The Living Room
The living room is a room dedicated to the family, so space must be shared. Set aside a place for children to store the toys: a piece of furniture or a large basket. More precisely, the pouf will allow you to store the toys while having a second utility in this room.

2: Put Away Your Kitchen.

Put Away Your Dishes And Cutlery:
On average, we use a third of the dishes we have regularly. Difficult to use 55 mugs, 45 plates, and 28 bowls. The dishes are used to be used. Always ask yourself the question, “When was the last time I took this object out?” ┬╗If the answer challenges you, share it with your loved ones, sell second-hand what you no longer use on the Internet or in flea markets, give to an association.
Crockery should be stored where it is useful and easy to grab. Then arrange by categories: large plates, dessert plates, soup plates, deep dishes … Everything that is mixed becomes difficult to find and therefore to put back! If you run out of cupboards, install shallow shelves above the worktop to organize your plates. Under these shelves, you can screw small pistons to hang cups.
Store Utensils and Equipment:
Put your everyday utensils on display on hanging bars or in decorative jars. Do not accumulate clutter on your work plan, if it is empty it will give an impression of instant storage. The less cluttered, the more convenient and easy to clean.
Side small appliances, only the coffee maker, toaster, and kettle are tolerated. Fryer, centrifuge, rice cooker, the sandwich maker will have to take up residence in a cupboard.
Storing Food:
The basis of inventory management is simple: if everything is dispersed, it becomes impossible to navigate. In foodstuffs, sorting every 6 months is essential, keep preserves for a maximum of 5 years, as for pasta, legumes, or condiments, only 1 year.
Remember to divide your drawers with modular dividers to create thematic areas between sweet, savory, spices, preserves, pasta, and cereals. Buy airtight boxes to put opened cake packages in to avoid crumbs. If you have enough space, display your pantry in a beautiful showcase, in addition, it’s trendy. To exhibit means to align, classify and highlight, not to pile up in a junk fashion.

3: Clean his Room:

Put Away Your Clothes :
We all have favorite clothes and accessories: these jeans that I used to wear when I was 36, this chapka that I bought on a market in Warsaw, this sweatshirt that never left me during the baccalaureate exams … We don’t want to throw away the positive images they remind us of.
Unfortunately, to be effective, the sorting must be draconian. For each item, ask yourself if you like this garment if you still like it if you feel beautiful by wearing it. Be logical during your decision-making: pants that have not been worn for 1 year will never be again. Sort through your socks with holes and your frayed tights.
If the majority of us think of the room to store our clothes, know that everything is possible. Don’t forget the entrance which can be essential for storing shoes, coats, scarves … and decluttering your wardrobe.
In a Closet:
You must tidy up in a functional and organized manner. Saving time and having fun selecting your outfit are great ways to start your day off right.
Sort, run away from the mixture and stay logical: have common sense! You can for example sort by colors, by seasons or by types. Use only one hanger per item of clothing and hang it on the rod by aligning all the hangers in the same direction. Think inside the closet doors to hang your necklaces, earrings, scarves. If you run out of space, switch between your summer and winter wardrobe.
In The Drawer:
Forget the piles of clothes in a chest of drawers! Align them next to each other by rolling them on themselves. An ideal technique for bed linen as well: hand towels or fitted sheets.
Put Away Your Shoes:
Shoe storage can quickly become a headache. But if you separate the shoes by seasons, put your shoes in their boxes that you stack then, and invest in a shoe cabinet, everything should be better.
Practical Storage In The Bedroom:
Bedside tables are becoming rarer and rarer and it is a shame because they often have drawers and allow you to store your current book, medicines, earplugs or mobile phone … Make sure that there is not too much buildup on it at the risk of getting messy.
The box spring is also unstoppable storage for blankets, quilts, or comforters. Finally, think of the vacuum storage covers to slide under the bed and the modular cubes to hang on the walls or put on the floor. They can divide the space to create, for example, an office area.

4.Put Away Your Bathroom:

Sort Your Creams, Lotions, Shampoos:
Always the same catchphrase: sort and throw! It’s time to ask yourself for how long your products have been open then, keep only one product for each use: a shampoo, a mascara, an anti-wrinkle, a hydrating mask. Create a basket for the products dedicated to the holidays: sunscreens, mosquito repellents, samples.
Once sorted, the products must be stored efficiently, respecting the order of use. Those used daily must be close at hand. Then store the masks, solvents, curlers. Use large candy boxes or jars to decorate it!
Sort Your Medication:
Often stored in the bathroom, drugs can quickly become invasive. Medicine cabinets, with their narrow shelves, are the most practical and best suited. After a meticulous sorting once or twice a year, divide the started medicines and bring the expired ones to the pharmacy.
Use a shelf for each category of medication or, using plastic containers, group them by family. Tip: store children’s medicines separately so as not to confuse them, useful when needed in the middle of the night.
Distribute Space in The Bathroom:
A shelf in a wardrobe, a drawer in a chest of drawers, a basket in a cupboard … Choose what fits your layout but reserve a space for each member of the family. Everyone can also have their coat hook to hang bathrobe or pajamas.
Put Away The Towels:
Invest in a towel rack if you don’t want your bathroom floor littered with used, wet towels. Folding side, same advice as for bed linen: better to roll the towels in a drawer rather than folded and stacked.
Tips For Storing The Bathroom:
Here, the boxes are queens, dedicate one for your makeup, one for your accessories, one for your care … The boxes are real organizers and better organized, the products are more visible, so we end up buying less and save money.
If you are lucky enough to choose the layout of your bathroom, prefer the drawers to the closet and use dividers. Finally, as always, think of wall shelves, shelves above the door, or the ceiling by installing pulleys to hang towels.
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