CNC Router Machine

CNC Machine Problems And Troubleshooting.

Here are the top 22 CNC machine problems and their solutions.
1: One Pivot Or Three Hub Of CNC Router Not Moving Or Moving Irregularly.
  1. Control card is free or glitch.
  2. The relating shaft drives disappointment.
  3. The relating hub stepper engine flaw.
  4. The relating coupling breaks or free (coupling free execution indications, etching text styles disengagement).
  5. The relating screw break or screw nut disappointment.
  6. The relating pivot slips quick disappointment.
  7. Drive development, current and programming settings are not the equivalent.
2: Z Pivot Of CNC Router Crazy (Norte Blades).
  1. Control card is free or breakdown.
  2. Electrostatic obstruction.
  3. Z hub engine line issue.
  4. Document way is not right.
  5. Inverter obstruction.
  6. PC framework has an issue or infection.
  7. Z hub engine power is not sufficient, the coupling free.
  8. Z hub drive current is excessively little, or the sign line isn’t right.
3: CNC Router Mistake.
  1. Control card is free or glitch.
  2. Drive disappointment.
  3. Stepper engine disappointment.
  4. Electrostatic impedance.
  5. engine line disappointment.
  6. Information line disappointment.
  7. Way is not right.
  8. Coupling loosened up or.
  9. Preparing speed is excessively quick. (Framework boundaries bend speeding up is excessively huge)
  10. PC framework issues or infections.
4: CNC Router Cutting Various Shades.
  1. Control card is free or glitch.
  2. Stepper engine disappointment.
  3. Drive disappointment or current development and programming settings are conflicting.
  4. Z pivot engine line issue.
  5. Axle engine disappointment.
  6. Inverter impedance or information setting isn’t right.
  7. Electrostatic impedance.
  8. PC infection or framework issues.
  9. Lopsided working stage.
5: CNC Router Cutting Unpredictably.
  1. Control card disappointment
  2. Inverter obstruction.
  3. Document way isn’t right.
  4. Electrostatic obstruction.
  5. Programming settings have issues.
  6. Drive flaw or current development set mistakenly.
  7. Information line disappointment.
  8. The PC has an infection or framework issue.
6: CNC Router Lopsided Processing.
  1. Shaft and table isn’t vertical to be adjusted (execution side effects: under the blade and the blade at various shades).
  2. Blade has an issue.
  3. There is an issue with the control card.
  4. Z hub drive or Z hub screw issue.
7: CNC Router Shaft Stop.
  1. Shaft inner short out.
  2. Current protecting.
  3. Inverter boundary setting blunder or disappointment.
  4. Control card disappointment.
  5. Shaft line or information line hamper.
8: The Working Sound Of CNC Router Shaft Is Unusual.
  1. Inverter setting isn’t right.
  2. Shaft does not turn.
  3. The shaft itself has an issue (bearing harm).
9: CNC Router Moving Back Or Back To The First Bearing Of The Other Way.
  1. Change the document in Notepad.
  2. Adjust the wiring of the inverter.
  3. Adjust the engine course in Weighong programming.
10: CNC Router Cannot Move Back To The Beginning Ordinarily.
  1. Inverse course.
  2. The control card is broken or free.
  3. Breaking point switch or information line disappointment.
  4. Drive disappointment.
  5. Engine disappointment.
11: CNC Router Axle Consequently Turn Or Stop.
The Solutions:
  1. Control card disappointment
  2. Inverter shortcoming.
12: When The CNC Router Opens Weighong Programming, The PC Prompts "Activity Fizzled".
  1. Check the card driver isn’t introduced, or the board for a PCI opening.
  2. The two information links to re-introduce, check there is no messed up needle marvel.
  3. Card issue, supplant the card.
13: CNC Router Prompts When Opening The Product: Three Pivot Alert, Instatement Mistake Number Four.
  1. Check the PC and the two information lines are not associated.
  2. Check the circuit confine the control box connector plate is scorched, for the wire.
  3. Check whether the 85V force flexibly is typical.
14: CNC Router Steering Lost Or Wrong Size.
  1. Check the etching programming way is right or not.
  2. Check the size of the hole between the screw bar and light pole affixing screws are not free.
  3. Watch that the product boundaries are set effectively.
15: When The X Pivot Moves To Some Place, Z Hub Does Not Lift The Blade, Put Catch To Go Up Yet Go Down.
  1. Check the Z-pivot stepper engine is working regularly, the size of the force and drive current or their own disappointment.
  2. Check the Z-pivot stepper engine line is awful or because of discontinuous contact.
  3. Control card disappointment.
16: CNC Router Axle Engine Doesn't Turn Or Opposite.
  1. Check the inverter’s boundary settings.
  2. The inverter signal line is turned around.
17: CNC Router Open The Product Boot, The Pole Seems Shut.
  1. Drive issue or PC yield signal line helpless contact
  2. Engine line contact is terrible.
18: CNC Router During The Time Spent Constraining The Wonder.
  1. Check the cutting way is past the extent of model.
  2. Programming boundaries set in as far as possible.
19: CNC Router Programming Cannot Be Opened Typically, Cut Things Distortion.
  1. Re-introduce the new framework and programming.
  2. Check X, Y hub screw and screw is free.
  3. CNC switchblade has an issue.
20: During Constructed By CNC Router, The Axle Engine Halted Out Of Nowhere Or Turned Gradually.
  1. Working voltage flimsiness or over-burden, in addition to a controller can be.
  2. Check the centerline is associated, regardless of whether the string offs the weld.
21: When Setting The First Purpose Of The CNC Router, Some Of The Time It Pushes Ahead And Right, And The Separation Is Not Fixed.
  1. Breaking point switch disappointment, the framework back to the framework beginning cutoff switch has shut and bob, change the breaking point switch.
  2. Extricate the drive wire and attempt to hold it tight.
22: CNC Router Can Be Reset To X Pivot, Y Hub, Z Hub Position Unsure.
  1. Cutoff switch is harmed (limit switch is constantly shut), you can transform it.
  2. Broken driveline (X-hub 14-pin and 15-pin hamper, hub 13-pin and 15-pin impede, pivot 31-pin and 15-pin cut off), the driveline or the short out can be isolated.
  3. The driver board is harmed, change the driver board.
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