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While the upgrading and home decor process of your instant home are thrilling. The perfect moment to upgrade your home is the start of a new decade. After spending many years with the same old decoration idea, now is the time to roll on one of the top paint colors, add the attractive piece of art on your gallery wall, or you may refresh your home heart with your favorite kitchen ideas.
Your goal should be to upgrade and showcase your design in a tasteful way, for this purpose you need a favorite interior designer. Whether you love to make a dream home, just understand the basic knowledge of decoration from choosing the “right color palette to perfect furniture design”.

1) Choose Color for Hallway:

If you are going to be very reserved during color selection, skip the do-over and choose a perfect paint color. No matter what space or shade you are looking for, we have got ideas.
Always choosing a bold color like purple for your hallway wall which is your comfort zone, perfect for decoration. Always showcase hallway walls with beautiful paintings, mirrors, and beautiful baskets.

2) Modern Your Living Room with Classic Touch:

Every room in your home should have a unique atmosphere that communicates your style, mirror of your taste and lifestyle. Give a classic design of your living room that converts your room normal look comes to be a modern look.
There are few classic pieces, a big leather chair, a blue sofa, and a wood coffee table are foundation pieces that giving stylish and functional arrangements. In decoration, lighting plays a key role to add really modern look. Try a cluster of pendant lights for your classic living room that helps to make a decorative feel. Lay decorative soft carpet and place a green leave glass port at the corner of the room.

3) Don’t Sacrifices Comfort:

Definitely, your eyes may want the most modern and decorated look of your bedroom. Dream bedroom always provides you a comfort zone where you can shut down from the day and recharge. Professional shapes your room in accordance with the latest trend by arranging accessories and furniture in such a way that everything looks beautiful.
Of course, during the renovation of a bedroom, all decisions that you make depends on room size and location. Choose the light color shades which will make your room awesome and feel like a fresh place for comfort or sleep. The light color schemes give the small room more freedom and make your home bigger with white furniture.
I believe, we can make our room very comfortable by utilized more natural elements like wooden bed frame, very soft foam, pillows, floral or animal print wallpapers, paintings, by monochromatic design that’s can be very refreshing, the addition of plant, patterned wallpaper, and opening of the window towards the sun rising.
It makes a new trend if you place your bed at the center of the room or at least a little bit away from walls so that you can fully move around it. 

4) Create Your Entryway With Mirrors:

Your home front hall is the first place people see, so design your home front hall more attractive by putting a beautiful mirror on the front wall of the home. To make metallic pieces shine mixes the mirror and metal with a softer texture. Mirror attracts anyone to come in the rest of the house by foreshadowing.

5) Invite Nature Indoors:

Bring greenery outside and decorate your house with plants to add texture, color, and life to every room.

6) Make Your Kitchen Perfect:

There are huge ideas for making your kitchen perfect. Updates your current kitchen into a modern look by using different designs, arrangements, and sleek styles. A perfect kitchen does not need to be white. Always choose a fresh neutral color that will be interesting that will make your kitchen fresh

7) Bring a Stool Into the Bathroom:

If you want to feel comfortable during bath time, slide a normal size stool next to the bathtub. It does not only make the extra surface space in the bathroom and also makes the whole space feel more luxe.
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