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When you think of decorate living room walls, you probably look for tables, cushions, chairs, or armchairs. However, you cannot leave something as important as the walls aside. A good decoration of living room walls adds an extraordinary attraction and manages to attract attention.
If you want inspiration for your own modern living room wall decoration, we will give you several interesting ideas that will help you.

Decoration ideas for your living room walls:

We have managed to collect many ideas to decorate living room walls with which you can fill your empty walls with great style. All these ideas represent decorative solutions that will make your walls no longer boring. Also, many are functional, because practicality and beauty can coexist.

Consider the style of decoration:

For the decorate living room walls, you have to consider the style of the space according to your taste.

>If the goal is to create a Scandinavian living room, include timeless features and use neutral tones.

>If you are looking for something relaxing and pleasant, choose the Japandi living room decoration.

>If you like the elegant industrial style, promote a loft spirit with elements of wood and metal.

>On the contrary, for a classic living room with a modern and relaxed touch, take inspiration from the Provencal style.

>If your style is more modern, bohemian, and chic, use various bright colors in the wall decoration.

Find the right wall color:

If the dimensions of the room are small, it would be good if you chose colors with little intensity, colder, and less warm. Lighting is another crucial factor when choosing which color is the right one. If there is good sunlight for several hours, choose slightly darker colors. If little natural light is coming in, opt for softer or subdued tones.

>On the other hand, if you want a contemporary style living room wall decoration, neutral and cold tones are better.

>For a classic vibe, use warm-inclined neutral tones.

>For a vintage style choose the intense ones.

A quick alternative to the original living room wall decoration is to select an attractive wallpaper. You can use it on all your walls or on just one, to make it the focal point.

Lean on the mirrors:

Placing a large mirror will enlarge the space in a visual sense and will reflect the existing light. Therefore, this is an ideal element that should not be missing in the decorate living room walls. We recommend, for example, placing it on the wall, above the fireplace, on a sideboard, or as a sofa wall decoration.

You can also support it directly on the ground and try to make it reflect the light 100%. Another idea is to form a gallery with carefully selected vintage mirrors if you like to collect objects.

Make use of a vertical garden:

If you like nature and original and fresh trends, you can add plants to your walls. Even if you think you don’t have space, you can form a wonderful vertical garden.
To make it easier for you, place shelves to organize a small garden to which you add plants to your liking. This will allow you to give a special appeal to the white walls, giving a natural halo to the space.

The power of vinyl:

Stickers or pieces of vinyl represent an effective design and color solution for decorate living room walls. They come in many sizes and shapes to choose from.


Also, they are easy to put on. You can remove them and put them on as many times as you want and in 5 minutes or less, they will be ready. A creative idea is to use vinyl letters to capture part of your favorite song or a paragraph from a book.

Display a collection:

Ideally, if you have a collection, you want to put it on display instead of having it sitting around collecting dust. Take it out and use it as a living room wall decoration so that all people can appreciate it. Allow others to also enjoy those precious objects, whether they are trophies, paintings, posters, or others.

Use moldings and shelves:

By using moldings in the living room, you will instantly elevate your decorative style. It is a way to add life to a wall that you decide to keep blank, as you will give it a relief that will arouse interest.
On the other hand, by using shelves, it is possible to create a special place for your books. The size should depend on the space you have and how many books you will put in them. Another alternative is to place decorative elements and paintings on the shelves that make the space more serene and fresh.

Remember that less is more.

After looking at the many living room wall decorating ideas described above, you may want to include them all. But we want you to remember that you shouldn’t overdo it by overloading the walls too much. That would make the room look small and overdone.
We want you to find balance when decorating the walls of your living room. So, review the advice we have given you and design your style adapted to your tastes. Start filling those empty walls with no personality.

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