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Revamp Your Workspace With Cubicle Decor Ideas:

Whether you spend 4 or 12 hours a day at your desk, your office cubicle is your home away from home. Making it a comfortable space where you can be productive means you’ll have a better attitude at work and feel a sense of ownership in your company. 

Workspace with Cubicle Decor Ideas doesn’t mean cluttering it with knick-knacks but letting your space express your interests and personality. If you’re ready to turn your drab office cubicle into a more comfortable place to work, here are some ideas to help you get started.


Most employees in office cubicles have a laptop or desktop computer in the middle, and the computer screen is a great opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere or theme for your office cubicle decor. Although downloading screensavers online might be against company policy, uploading some personal photos and putting them as screensavers in slideshow mode will give you a boost of happiness every time your computer rests. If your company is a little less picky about downloads, try downloading the Webshots toolbar and use beautiful user-uploaded photos to decorate your desktop and transport you to a different time or space.

Your computer monitor is also an opportunity to have a little fun. Monitor frames are colorful lightweight display decorations that fit around your computer screen like a frame fits a painting. Buy one with a theatrical, floral, or artistic theme to make your cubicle space more unique.


The harsh fluorescent lighting common in most offices is not only too bright, but sometimes hard on the eyes as well. Alter your lighting and the mood in your cubicle by getting some indirect light. Choose a small table lamp that fits on your desk and also fits your personality, such as a wrought metal lamp with a red beaded shade, or a lamp with an animal theme or shape. A lamp will not only warm your cubicle lighting, but it won’t take up valuable desk space.

Living Things:

Vital to a Feng Shui-style cubicle, plants and a water element help make your cubicle more homey and comfortable. Buy small violet or ivy plants to hang around your table lamp or on a windowsill. Plants add a lot of warmth to your environment and also help recycle the air. For a water accessory, purchase a betta or Siamese fighting fish.

Siamese fighting fish are small and easy to care for, and are commonly seen in small one-cup containers of water. Change the water once a week and keep it under the table lamp to make sure the water is at room temperature. You don’t need a filter or heater, but be sure to cover the container as betas tend to jump!

Floor Mat:

Whether your cubicle has a tile floor or carpet, a small rug with a pattern or a pop of color can go a long way in making your office space feel more like home, and it also keeps your feet warm. . Select a small rug in a design that you like, such as a floral design, a geometric pattern or a rug in the traditional oriental style.


Small accessories that reflect your personality are the final touches to personalize and decorate your space. Without cluttering up your area, express your interest with special bookends, mouse pads, pen holders, and photographs and frames. For example, if you enjoy an Asian style, use red accents on your mouse pad and even file folders. If you have a collection of teapots use one as an accent on a book shelf and use one near your desk to hold pens or paper clips.


Adding artwork to your cubicle can be a great way to express your personality and make your workspace more inviting. Consider displaying paintings, prints, or photographs that reflect your interests or hobbies. You can also choose motivational artwork that can help you stay motivated and focused throughout the day.

Desk Organizers:

Keeping your desk clutter-free can help improve your productivity and focus. Desk organizers such as file holders, pen cups, and paper trays can help keep your workspace tidy and organized. Additionally, you can also invest in desk caddies and drawer organizers to keep small items like paper clips and post-it notes in order.

Colorful Desk Accessories:

Brighten up your workspace with colorful desk accessories. Choose desk items like tape dispensers, staplers, and pens in your favorite hues. You can also select brightly colored notebooks, binders, and folders to add a pop of color and personality to your office cubicle.

Personalized Calendars:

A personalized desk calendar can not only help keep you organized but also serves as a creative outlet. Consider designing your own calendar with photos, quotes, or designs that inspire you. You can also use colored pens, markers, and stickers to make your calendar stand out and keep you motivated throughout the year.

Inspirational Quotes:

Inspirational quotes can serve as a daily reminder to stay focused and positive. Print out your favorite quotes and display them in a prominent spot in your office cubicle. You can also create a quote board or use sticky notes to post inspiring messages around your workspace. Remember to choose quotes that resonate with you and help you stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

Personalized Artifacts:

Adding personalized artifacts to your cubicle can help create a sense of belonging and showcase your personality. Consider displaying items such as family photos, souvenirs from your travels, or awards and certificates on your desk or a nearby shelf. These artifacts can serve as conversation starters and help you connect with coworkers. However, it’s important not to go overboard and clutter your workspace, so choose a few meaningful items to display


In conclusion, revamping your workspace with these trending cubicle decor ideas can not only make your workspace more comfortable and personalized, but it can also improve your productivity and overall attitude towards work. By adding a touch of color, personalization, and organization to your cubicle, you can transform it into a space that reflects your personality and interests. So, take the first step towards a more inspiring workspace and try out some of these ideas today!

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