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Tips to styling the shelves in the living room 2021:

Styling shelves give you a chance to display what you love. Beautiful shelves are always built with beautiful displays that make your living place more attractive and decorative. When you look up at your empty shelves, you feel it is difficult to know how to start.
You think how should I arrange items together? How should I group everything to look good by color or by size? I have picked up a few tricks that make your shelf beautiful, functional, and meaningful by items which carefully fill each cranny and nook.

Showcase books on shelves:

According to my choice, bookshelves are one of the great choices to decorate a living room because they provide a chance to display what you love in character and depth to a space.
Display your favorite reads on shelf and if you have lots of books, grouping by color is also best for styling a shelf. Make the most of them by stacking books vertically, horizontally and aligning some books stack to the right, center or left of the shelf.

Paint your shelves:

Paint is the best friend of up cycler’s. No matter what material your shelves is made of, just paint the interior and exterior side by choosing two or three shades and repeating them will give your display a beautiful look.
Your shelves will look more cohesive when a color story goes through it. Beautiful color selection in the living room is a great way to develop interest in the room and bring attention to the objects that are displayed on your shelves.

Add greenery on shelves:

You guys know that greenery always shows a fresh look in our home on any place. Just a few plants can wake up an entire look by adding some texture on your shelves.
When you mix the fake stuff with real stuff, your guests assume it’s all real. So don’t be afraid to use real and fake plants, it provides a good texture by mixing both and we are definitely okay with that.

Display artwork:

Basically artwork is an overlooked accessory that works wonders on a shelf. It allows you to express your design creativity and add personality in the living room. In artwork you may draw an eye in back of the shelf and allow you to create a more visual look that has depth.
You guys keep in mind artwork plays the most important role in home decoration. I love this to add a large timber frame in display like a poster framed piece of art. Best thing is you may change the shelf display design according to your mood or season change.

Create a visual interest:

Another good idea to decorate your shelf is to display a large jar or vase and different items.  For decoration, arrangement of objects should vary by height for larger visual impact.
You filled the jar with tea light candles, and might like to use different themes of space to showcase your personality. Combining the smaller and larger pieces creates a balanced look. Decorative boxes and baskets provide stylists looking to fill the empty spaces of living room shelves.  
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